NaNoWriMo 2018 Debrief

In October I really got my butt in gear and started planning for this years NaNoWriMo. I’m so glad I did. In this post I’m going to cover what went wrong, what went right, my highlights and low lights of this years November writing effort.

Section 1 – What Went Wrong

– It happened again, what I thought was going to be my main character is likely going to end up being the sidekick
– I had a hard time saying no to commitments outside of writing and almost lost a few days where I wrote less than 500 words per day

Section 2 – What Went Right

– Mapping tool – I found an excellent freeware tool that allowed me to create maps of the world I was writing in. This helped a lot because I was able to picture where the characters were.
– Started with a good idea. Changed my idea in the week before November.
– Tried a new thing – Fantasy instead of Sci-Fi
– Scapple mind mapping

Section 3 – Things I’m not sure about that I intend to look in to

– I ended up with a lot of Dialog intense scenes
– Several of my characters really started coming out of their shells and definitely stepped up to have their own character arcs. I’m not sure all of the character arcs were justified, or that they all really add and compliment the main arc.

Section 4 – The Highlights For Me

– I really found out what people mean by letting your characters tell you no.
– I’m excited about the world building I did, and I’m planning to write some short stories that take place there.

Section 5 – Conclusion
– this year I was much happier with what I wrote, I feel good
– I’m ready for a break from this novel, but I’m not looking for a break from writing.