NaNoWriMo Pep Talk

We all come to the point where we hate what we are writing. We wonder why we do it. We want to scrap it and wish we had never wasted any time on it. I’ve been there!

The good news is that we have all been there and there are lots of ways to get out of the fog, to get your butt back in the chair and to keep writing. Read on and we will explore some of the things that have worked for me.

How do we find the will to go back and write when we feel this way?

Remember why you started writing in the first place. Know that it is not all bad and that things will get better.

Want to give up? Don’t! You can keep going!! You can get there!!

Get The juices Flowing With these Strategies

Want to dump a bunch of crap in your manuscript to make your word count? Don’t!

  1. When this happens I try to find something in the story that I like. A Sub plot, a character, a location, anything. Then I sit down and write about that.
  2. Also this happened to me recently and I got past it by thinking about what questions I had in my mind that were not answered in the story yet. Why did such and such happen? Could I go and explain it. Write a letter to yourself answering outstanding questions. Then look for places where you can work the answers in to your existing story.
  3. I figured out I only had a limited idea of how the story would end. So I started writing the last chapter where everyone is home safe, and all of the loose ends are tied up. This made me feel like I was going some place, and it sparked ideas about what I needed to write next.
  4. Rather than start a whole new story – I’ve also just added a new place to go or character related in some way to the current story. Let your story spread out a bit and maybe find a new way.

I hope this helps. Don’t give up – you’re story is worth it!